Why do you want to start your own business?

Why in the hell do you want to start your own business?  Take the safe road, go get a 9-5 job, and collect a pay check.

Have you ever heard that?  I have, only about 10,000 times.  I hear that from family, friends, connections, just about everyone has an opinion on what is the “safe” way to live a life.  Here are my thoughts on this topic

My question is the same that they just asked you.  Why? You will spend tons of time, not make much money right away, you will sleep less, have an emotional rollercoaster and wow, the list goes on and on.  So why?

I can’t answer the why for you, but I can for me.  Because I can, and I want to.  The one thing I promised myself is that I will never live with 1 single regret.  If I want to do something, I want it, not tomorrow, but now.  My life philosophy has caused me both pain and immense joy.   Doing a start up is not easy and anyone that says it is, quite honestly, is bragging and you should stop talking to them about your start up.  Talk to me instead, use the contact form and lets chat.  I have no interest in convincing you that my life path was correct or that it was wrong.  It is after all, my path.

You must choose your path, remember, blue pill or red bill?  You and only you can make the choice BUT you have to live with that choice.  The odds that you will have the next facebook or uber are so slim, its not worth the odds.  If your goal is to have the next FB or uber, I wish you luck and hope you can do it.  It is a goal to set the bar high but if its too high, failure is the only option then.  Example, if I create a new business and set my goal for the company to be worth 4 million in the next year.  If you do not achieve your goal, you failed.  This does not mean that your business failed, it just means the goal you put on yourself failed.  Obviously you want to set your goals, everyone needs them, but they should be realistic goals.

On top of all this, you will most likely need a gig to pay your bills until start up starts making money so you can earn enough just to survive.  No one said this was easy, if it was, everyone would do it and no one would ask the question I mentioned on line 1 of this post.

So, to recap, the reasons NOT to do a start up:
– milions of dollars in first year
– you find yourself procrastinating just to get out of bed in the morning
– you need directions to the corner market
– your idea has been done 10 times over but you have 1 thing that you will do differently
– you are cash strapped just to pay your current bills
– you value your sleep
– complain about working long hours

Be good to yourself and each other… I’m out…