Why I do Youtube without caring about the money.

I recently started doing Youtube which you would know if you read my blog or followed me on social media.  The one thing you may not know is WHY??? Here are my top reasons for doing Youtube, its not just about you, no offense.

  • Quality time – I get to spend so much quality time with my son.  He does all my editing, and camera work except for the vlogs.  He even helps to schedule the actual shoots using a shared whiteboard.  He has plans to eventually move from behind the camera to in front.  These are memories that both of us are making that can’t be replaced.
  • Money – Nope, not what you think.  I have zero aspirations of earning a living by doing Youtube.  I know many people that do and thats awesome they are doing it.  Our goal is to donate 100% of everything we earn.  We have not decided who to donate to but, are leaning towards buying a few meals for some of the homeless that live around us.  Another charity would be for an animal shelter.  I plan on sharing exactly what we are doing at the end of this year with all money we made and will video the experience for you to see.
  • Friends – Since starting, I have made an incredible set of individuals.   I firmly believe that in life, people you know touch your life in some way.  Some good, some bad but either way, there is connection.  In particular, one new person I have been talking with is a Youtuber, called DaymDrops the more we talk, the more I really think we are cut from the same mold and believe in the same life choices/directions.
  • Kids – Eventually I plan on doing something similar to what Daym does which is called Real Talk.  This is more for my kids to know what I would say or think.  This is a tough one to explain in a blog post…

In closing, check my videos out, subscribe and watch knowing you are helping people less fortunate.    Our Channel