What I use to work.

Valid as of o3-31-2o14

So what do I use to make magic happen?  Quite a bit actually.  First I a lover of all tech so I have had just about every variation of the iphone and bounced back to android.  So here is a list of everything I use.  If you notice the date at the top of this, I will keep this current and just update the list.

Lets start with the most important tool in my arsenal, my phone.
Phone: Galaxy S4 w/ 64gb microsd – I have tried every phone, I need to be able to work while waiting for the metro or flying easily.  This screen is brilliant and allows me to function.

Laptop: Google Chromebook (acer c720) – Yes I know its not windows or a macbook.  Honestly, they are both fine as I have had both, I just prefer the chromebook.

Tablet: Lenovo Yoga – Its another instant on device, like the CB.  I watch my tv/movies on this as well as do work in a pinch.  I have a bluetooth keyboard that I can use.

Home Desktop: Lenovo ideacentre – When at the home office, this is my device.  Its a powerhouse and functions for everything.  It runs windows 8 as well and I have zero issues with it.

Home Monitor(s): Dual Asus 24 inch monitors – why not?  My neck has muscles on muscles from turning my head left to right to see everything.

Office Desktop: Custom Built – This is the work horse at the actual office.  It runs windows 7.

Office Monitor(s): Dual Asus 21 inch monitors

Server(s): 6 quad core servers with each having 128gb ram.  – Power…. I need more power.

I think that wraps up most of what I use for working.  I think I mentioned I really love tech 🙂