The Ultimate Wawa Sandwich Video [Blog]

I am trying something new where I post more info about the videos we post.  As I mentioned, all editing is done by my son.  He does not want to be in front of the camera “yet” so he does all the behind the scenes.

With this video, it was something that I  promised 2 other Youtubers I would do, it was meant  to mimic a sandwich that Josh got on the way back to the airport.  The only item I did not get that he had was buffalo sauce.  The hardest part of filming this video was that we were shooting right outside the Wawa which meant lots of cars and traffic.  The mic we do did cut down tremendously on the sounds but that did not cut back on the distraction they caused me.

This is also the first time we are doing an “Editors Cut”.  I basically left my son have free reign on the content to make the bloopers.  It was a short video to find bloopers but he found a few.

Things we learned was how to do End Cards which allows you to put an image up and then add small boxes to other videos or links.  Our end card is quite basic but its a learning curve and we are proud to just get one in there.  I am still not sure how to add annotations to direct people to my twitter account.