Reached the peak?

What does someone do once they climb Everest? What is the next challenge that would not seem small or trivial?  I am really curious about this.

Let me first say that no matter how good someone is, there is always a better version of them.  Its what makes us constantly reach for higher goals.

What are you supposed to do once you have hit the peak of what you do?  When I say the peak, I mean, there is no one better than you and every challenge you had you conquered.  This post is not meant to be cocky in any way, but just the opposite.  The system I built has been destroying piracy and the pirates really have no where to hide on Usenet.  It has taken many years to finally hit this peak but we have achieved it, and planted our flag.

I love what I do, I love the cat and mouse game that dealing with anti-piracy constantly gives.  I just seem to be in a “what next” type phase where I am trying to figure out another anti-piracy ecosystem I want the team to look into.  We do so many different things already but I want to achieve the peak with another ecosystem.  A few clients have said, “Do not lose focus on what you are great at”.  I have no intention of slowing development on our specialty, just looking for another pool to dip our feet into.

I guess what I am saying is being an entrepreneur I always have this unfulfilled feeling.  Like my work is never done.  When someone explains a process to me, mentally, my mind is going 10k MPH where I am reducing their process to the bare bones and then restructuring it in a more efficient way.   Sometimes I feel like I am cursed as my mind never stops running, but other times, I also recognize that my OCD’s and ADD has given me the skills to succeed.

Lastly, I promise, I will write more on a more regular basis.  I am starting to look into doing  youtube channel as well eventually..