My visit with 2 Youtubers

In December I had 2 Youtubers for a visit to do a special “mini” episode for a major network.  It was refreshing to have a different view and I learned so many new things during their visit.  Josh and Cody are two tremendous people that I am happy to now call my friend.  During the trip, we spent time at an abandoned factory and  we took a trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom (for the fun stuff).  Here is Cody’s vlog from the Magic Kingdom LINK

The first thing that I found odd but now find awesome and liberating is when we went to Disney, they were recording for their vlog.  People looked at us oddly but once I got used to it, the stares had zero impact on me.  I have now started my own Youtube channel and doing a mix of a vlog and other content.

My older son, like most kids, loves Youtube.  Being able to meet people he watched was amazing.  He came with us during all video shooting and even used the cameras at time.  He and I are now bonding over doing our own channel and he works the camera and does all the editing.  Its nice to bond with a teenager over something that he has a passion about and enjoys doing.

Even as we get older, we need to remember we do not have all the answers.  We must remain open to learn new ideas and concepts.  If we close our mind and shelter it, we can never grow beyond the boundaries we set for ourselves.  Thanks to Josh and Cody, I have extended my boundaries a little more.

Be good to yourself and each other.

Exploring with Josh
Cody Buffinton
My Youtube Channel