Luck, does it exist to you?

I play poker, let me clarify, I play A LOT of poker.  After I tell people that, I get 2 reactions, that’s great or oh, I don’t gamble.  So today I will examine both of those reactions and how I relate poker to life.

I will say I do not believe in luck the way most people do.  I have started several companies that were successful, as well as some that have tanked shortly after starting.  I have sold a few and also went into partnerships with others.   This was not luck that what I accomplished, it was me being me and having a skill or talent.  It pisses me off when someone says what I have accomplished during my life that it was luck.  I like to believe that I create my own luck, not ride the wave of “luck”.

So back to poker, I look at life the same way I play poker, hyper aggressive.  The idea of poker is not to just throw all your chips into the center and hope for “luck” to help you.  When I play, I sit for 12 hours, I study every play, I am 2 steps ahead of them.  That is why I love the game, its the mental aspect.  Some people get upset when they feel they are entitled to win because they had the best hand at that moment and then someone hits the one card to beat them.  That sounds like luck, however, the person that drew out may have thought they winning the hand with what they already had.

Poker mimics life in that you should strive to put yourself into the best position that you have.  That sometimes means you fold what others would think is the best hand and to listen to them say, “omg, I can’t believe you folded that” only to see you made the right call at the right moment.

Live your life on the edge, safe is for the weak, be aggressive.  If that takes you out of your normal routine, then so be it.  Try something new and make your own luck and go all in once and awhile.  I would love to hear what others think about luck, feel free to email me or leave a silly comment.