[Learning] 6 Part Simpson Food review recap

We just wrapped a 6 part series where we went to Universal Studios.  The huge thing we learned from this series was our microphone stinks.  We just purchased a new mic with an external mp3 recorder.  Once the last 3 videos for the Simpsons roll out, we will be back at Disney with the external mic.  We already have plans to hit a nice looking restaurant in Animal Kingdom.  Today we just went to the park to hang out and the line was huge for this place.  Just walking by the smell was incredible and I am looking forward to bringing that video next week for you.

From what we keep seeing, sound is a huge part of the video, so let me be the first to apologize for the mic levels.  Since we record right in the theme park or in the restaurant its a bit tricky to get good levels.  I am hoping with the external mic, the sound will be up to par.

Thanks for watching our videos and coming along for the ride as we learn this process.