Fear Vs Danger

This is part 2 to my previous blog post

I wanted to cover my feelings on this topic relating to business.  These are just my opinions obviously.

Fear is made up.  My son has to do book reports and different things where he has to stand up in front of the class.  He has really bad panic attacks.  I used to be like that.  I did not like standing up in front of people and speaking.  I much rather prefer sitting in a darkened office, doing code work or project planning.  The absolute worst thing that will happen is you will die.  Yes its a bit of a stretch but once you realize the absolute worst, scale it back, you can cope with it.  When I do a meeting, I am not afraid of hearing a no, or failing.  I look at the positive, I made a connection and met some nice people.

With Fear, it can’t hurt you.  Danger can.  The fear of jumping from a plane will no hurt you, but the danger of going splat will.   You can’t let fear control your life, get out there, get busy, meet people, talk to them, make that connection.  You might be surprised that the fear you had was holding you back from becoming extraordinary.  We all have greatness in us, its how we chose to channel the fuel that fires us up.

To sum it up, do not be afraid of the fear, however, be aware of the danger.

Be good to yourself and others…