Define Your New Peak

My last post I did was about 4 months ago where I was talking about what to do once you hit what you define as a peak.  Obviously reaching that peak does not mean you just coast because you will coast right down the peak and getting back up becomes that much more difficult.

For me, I am unable to just rest, or coast for that matter.  I needed to keep growing, needed to continue to grow as a person, father, husband, and friend.  The last 4 months have been incredible, here is a recap, which I will fill with more details in the following posts:

  • Played host to 2 incredible YouTubers who taught me a ton of new stuff that I plan on using in my everyday life.
  • Enjoyed the stressful holidays, why do we make holidays so stressful?
  • Made a personal health change to live a better lifestyle.
  • Connected with several big YouTubers, this is exciting.
  • Filmed a pilot TV episode for a major studio, unfortunately, it needs work.
  • Started a YouTube channel, realized its much harder than most people think and the first video had tons of mistakes and issues.  Its all about learning though.
  • Working to donate 100% of everything the YouTube channel brings in to a veterans charity in honor of my grandfather.  Still working out details with them before I announce which charity.

I will update early next week with the next blog post.   In the mean time and always, be good to yourself and each other.