Culver’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich Review Healthy Style [Blog]

The other day I went to Culver’s to see what kind of healthy food I could order.  This video started out good and then the sun raised its ugly head.  Some of the things we learned from this video were  when filming in Florida there are many challenges:

  • The sun – Even though my car has blacked out limo quality tint, the front windshield does not.  It became quite clear once we started the review that it was going to be tough.  From the sun dots reflecting off the camera to the sun blinding the actual food shots.  Going forward, we will use a windshield sun shield to help and block a little of the sun.
  • The heat – Even in February, it can get quite toasty in Florida.  During this day, it was around 83 degrees.  We needed to keep the AC running during the shoot which meant the engine had to run.
  • The AC – Because the camera is mounted on the dash, there were a few odd camera fluctuations where things looked a little wavy on film.  While we did the editing, it reminded me of driving down a hot road and seeing those wavy images coming off the hot road.  I am hoping with the sun shield, we will be able to turn the AC off.
  • The running car – Due to the heat and the AC, we had to keep the car running.  This caused a little camera shake.  We have a new camera that should help with image stabilization.

This was a good video, the only major issue was the chicken had a distinct hamburger taste as if it was cooked on a grill right next to a burger.  Keep in mind, this may not be a major negative as we are eating grilled chicken but it tastes like a burger lol

Be good to yourself and each other