Best Skill I have developed

If you read my previous post you know how busy I am.   There are days when I am traveling, and days when I have multiple meetings with clients and pending clients.  So how do I manage everything? and what is the best tool in my arsenal?

I am attaching a screenshot of my March 2013 calendar to give you an idea of what I mean.



If I were to pick one skill that any person even thinking about starting their own business needs, it would be project management.  Forget the coding skills, people skills, or any other skill you have.  If you can’t do advanced project management you will fail.  I have an entire team of people that I rely on to get these tasks done.  I have several programmers on staff, and several DMCA agents that monitor every facet of our offerings for our clients.  Even when I first started, I had to do simple PM with just my time.  Now I am managing upcoming tasks with multiple facets and employees.  My PM skills are something that has developed over many years of making mistakes.  Just being honest about it.  If you are not making mistakes, you are doing things either wrong or not pushing yourself to new levels.

I have started several business’s. Sold a few, closed a few to both failure or not profitable, and I run a few now and am always looking to expand.  There is absolutely zero possibility to accomplish what I have done if I never learned how to properly manage projects.

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