Be positive and love yourself

I have worked with a few people on life coaching and worked them through some very tough times.  I do it on occasion but only when asked and never for profit.

One thing that I always find strange is negativity.  There are 3 times of people in my opinion:

1. People that are naturally negative about almost everything
These are people that would win the lottery and then complain they have to pay tax’s on it.
2. People that are naturally positive  about almost everything
These are people that would goto the doctor and get some very bad news, but come out of it and say, well, atleast I have another year to live.
3. People that have ups and downs
Personally, I think most of the population fits into this slot, or atleast its what I would like to believe.

I fit into #2.  I am always happy and always positive.  I wake up with a smile on my face and am happy to get an early start.  I am unable to understand #1 and when I encounter them, I try my best to get them to see the positivity in their life.

Look at everything you have, yes, most have more than you, but so what.  If you look at your neighbor who just bought a new car and you can’t afford one, why get negative.  You have no idea what else that person has on their plate.  Could they be sick, or have a sick family member? Could they be buying the car now because they know in a month they will be laid off?

Life is all about variables, it is constantly changing.  Stop focusing on what others have as a way to gauge your own happiness.  Look within yourself to find happiness.  A new material item is a very short experience that you will find happiness in.  Other people or items augment your own feelings.  Another person/spouse is not going to change you from a type 1 to a type 2, only you can do that.

The world needs a change, but change from within yourself and people around you will notice and change with you.

In a previous job, I had a boss who, like everyone thinks is full of hot air.  It was not until a year or two of leaving that job that I realized I had just worked with one of the wisest people I have ever met.  One of the many things that he taught me was that people will change, but slowly.

A site that I really enjoy wrote something about positive people: