About Me

What is this site about?

I have started many companies, some were profitable, some broke even and then some were not.  I have been through a few mergers, lay offs and everything else life can throw at an entrepreneurial individual.  I have worked the past 20 years in some form of IT/internet role.

There are 2 things I want to do in life that I am not sure will ever happen:

1. Write a book about life lessons, mainly for my kids.
2. Create a TV show about my life (not sure I could fill multiple seasons though)

The purpose of my blog is not really for everyone, its mainly meant to work towards #1 above.  I have no issue with any future employers or consulting gigs reading this.  If nothing else, I am honest and wear my emotions on my sleeve.

This blog is dedicated to my kids, hopefully you will hear what I am writing one day and not have to read it.