Early Video Access On This Site

I was thinking, I really do not use this domain for to much.  Few upcoming changes with this site and YouTube:

  • What I will do starting sometime in February, is upload my videos and for 1 day, they will be private, before going public.  You can see them by just visiting this site and get an early view of the latest videos.
  • I also want to start doing a schedule and sticking to it for YouTube.  I am thinking twice a week, every Monday and Thursday.
  • As you can see, the channel is constantly growing with different videos.  I will be back at the theme parks for more food reviews as the menus have changed quite a bit.  I will continue to mix in tech reviews and I REALLY want to do a few pranks as I talk to many prank YouTubers.

Look for these changes in February.

[Learning] 6 Part Simpson Food review recap

We just wrapped a 6 part series where we went to Universal Studios.  The huge thing we learned from this series was our microphone stinks.  We just purchased a new mic with an external mp3 recorder.  Once the last 3 videos for the Simpsons roll out, we will be back at Disney with the external mic.  We already have plans to hit a nice looking restaurant in Animal Kingdom.  Today we just went to the park to hang out and the line was huge for this place.  Just walking by the smell was incredible and I am looking forward to bringing that video next week for you.

From what we keep seeing, sound is a huge part of the video, so let me be the first to apologize for the mic levels.  Since we record right in the theme park or in the restaurant its a bit tricky to get good levels.  I am hoping with the external mic, the sound will be up to par.

Thanks for watching our videos and coming along for the ride as we learn this process.

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2016 Food Review [Blog]

We went to Epcot with the intention of doing 2 food reviews.  We ended up staying for 7.  We ate more than we should have but there were so many options.  The one thing that I get asked is, do you eat everything we order?  The answer is yes and no.

We usually order, and take the pictures, then do the review.  We then split the food up and eat.  We also usually have a plan of where we are going to eat to keep things moving.  On this trip to Epcot, our plan was China for spring rolls and then Japan for Frushi.  However, we ended up doing 7 reviews.  This was a challenge to do the last review just because we were already so full.  One thing we would like to do is maybe involve another random guest in the future.  At Epcot, there is always music playing in each country which posed an issue for our first review in China.  During busy times we also deal with the crowd levels.  Filming in the themeparks has many challenges but we still enjoy doing it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Why I do Youtube without caring about the money.

I recently started doing Youtube which you would know if you read my blog or followed me on social media.  The one thing you may not know is WHY??? Here are my top reasons for doing Youtube, its not just about you, no offense.

  • Quality time – I get to spend so much quality time with my son.  He does all my editing, and camera work except for the vlogs.  He even helps to schedule the actual shoots using a shared whiteboard.  He has plans to eventually move from behind the camera to in front.  These are memories that both of us are making that can’t be replaced.
  • Money – Nope, not what you think.  I have zero aspirations of earning a living by doing Youtube.  I know many people that do and thats awesome they are doing it.  Our goal is to donate 100% of everything we earn.  We have not decided who to donate to but, are leaning towards buying a few meals for some of the homeless that live around us.  Another charity would be for an animal shelter.  I plan on sharing exactly what we are doing at the end of this year with all money we made and will video the experience for you to see.
  • Friends – Since starting, I have made an incredible set of individuals.   I firmly believe that in life, people you know touch your life in some way.  Some good, some bad but either way, there is connection.  In particular, one new person I have been talking with is a Youtuber, called DaymDrops the more we talk, the more I really think we are cut from the same mold and believe in the same life choices/directions.
  • Kids – Eventually I plan on doing something similar to what Daym does which is called Real Talk.  This is more for my kids to know what I would say or think.  This is a tough one to explain in a blog post…

In closing, check my videos out, subscribe and watch knowing you are helping people less fortunate.    Our Channel

Culver’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich Review Healthy Style [Blog]

The other day I went to Culver’s to see what kind of healthy food I could order.  This video started out good and then the sun raised its ugly head.  Some of the things we learned from this video were  when filming in Florida there are many challenges:

  • The sun – Even though my car has blacked out limo quality tint, the front windshield does not.  It became quite clear once we started the review that it was going to be tough.  From the sun dots reflecting off the camera to the sun blinding the actual food shots.  Going forward, we will use a windshield sun shield to help and block a little of the sun.
  • The heat – Even in February, it can get quite toasty in Florida.  During this day, it was around 83 degrees.  We needed to keep the AC running during the shoot which meant the engine had to run.
  • The AC – Because the camera is mounted on the dash, there were a few odd camera fluctuations where things looked a little wavy on film.  While we did the editing, it reminded me of driving down a hot road and seeing those wavy images coming off the hot road.  I am hoping with the sun shield, we will be able to turn the AC off.
  • The running car – Due to the heat and the AC, we had to keep the car running.  This caused a little camera shake.  We have a new camera that should help with image stabilization.

This was a good video, the only major issue was the chicken had a distinct hamburger taste as if it was cooked on a grill right next to a burger.  Keep in mind, this may not be a major negative as we are eating grilled chicken but it tastes like a burger lol

Be good to yourself and each other

The Ultimate Wawa Sandwich Video [Blog]

I am trying something new where I post more info about the videos we post.  As I mentioned, all editing is done by my son.  He does not want to be in front of the camera “yet” so he does all the behind the scenes.

With this video, it was something that I  promised 2 other Youtubers I would do, it was meant  to mimic a sandwich that Josh got on the way back to the airport.  The only item I did not get that he had was buffalo sauce.  The hardest part of filming this video was that we were shooting right outside the Wawa which meant lots of cars and traffic.  The mic we do did cut down tremendously on the sounds but that did not cut back on the distraction they caused me.

This is also the first time we are doing an “Editors Cut”.  I basically left my son have free reign on the content to make the bloopers.  It was a short video to find bloopers but he found a few.

Things we learned was how to do End Cards which allows you to put an image up and then add small boxes to other videos or links.  Our end card is quite basic but its a learning curve and we are proud to just get one in there.  I am still not sure how to add annotations to direct people to my twitter account.

My visit with 2 Youtubers

In December I had 2 Youtubers for a visit to do a special “mini” episode for a major network.  It was refreshing to have a different view and I learned so many new things during their visit.  Josh and Cody are two tremendous people that I am happy to now call my friend.  During the trip, we spent time at an abandoned factory and  we took a trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom (for the fun stuff).  Here is Cody’s vlog from the Magic Kingdom LINK

The first thing that I found odd but now find awesome and liberating is when we went to Disney, they were recording for their vlog.  People looked at us oddly but once I got used to it, the stares had zero impact on me.  I have now started my own Youtube channel and doing a mix of a vlog and other content.

My older son, like most kids, loves Youtube.  Being able to meet people he watched was amazing.  He came with us during all video shooting and even used the cameras at time.  He and I are now bonding over doing our own channel and he works the camera and does all the editing.  Its nice to bond with a teenager over something that he has a passion about and enjoys doing.

Even as we get older, we need to remember we do not have all the answers.  We must remain open to learn new ideas and concepts.  If we close our mind and shelter it, we can never grow beyond the boundaries we set for ourselves.  Thanks to Josh and Cody, I have extended my boundaries a little more.

Be good to yourself and each other.

Exploring with Josh
Cody Buffinton
My Youtube Channel

Define Your New Peak

My last post I did was about 4 months ago where I was talking about what to do once you hit what you define as a peak.  Obviously reaching that peak does not mean you just coast because you will coast right down the peak and getting back up becomes that much more difficult.

For me, I am unable to just rest, or coast for that matter.  I needed to keep growing, needed to continue to grow as a person, father, husband, and friend.  The last 4 months have been incredible, here is a recap, which I will fill with more details in the following posts:

  • Played host to 2 incredible YouTubers who taught me a ton of new stuff that I plan on using in my everyday life.
  • Enjoyed the stressful holidays, why do we make holidays so stressful?
  • Made a personal health change to live a better lifestyle.
  • Connected with several big YouTubers, this is exciting.
  • Filmed a pilot TV episode for a major studio, unfortunately, it needs work.
  • Started a YouTube channel, realized its much harder than most people think and the first video had tons of mistakes and issues.  Its all about learning though.
  • Working to donate 100% of everything the YouTube channel brings in to a veterans charity in honor of my grandfather.  Still working out details with them before I announce which charity.

I will update early next week with the next blog post.   In the mean time and always, be good to yourself and each other.

Reached the peak?

What does someone do once they climb Everest? What is the next challenge that would not seem small or trivial?  I am really curious about this.

Let me first say that no matter how good someone is, there is always a better version of them.  Its what makes us constantly reach for higher goals.

What are you supposed to do once you have hit the peak of what you do?  When I say the peak, I mean, there is no one better than you and every challenge you had you conquered.  This post is not meant to be cocky in any way, but just the opposite.  The system I built has been destroying piracy and the pirates really have no where to hide on Usenet.  It has taken many years to finally hit this peak but we have achieved it, and planted our flag.

I love what I do, I love the cat and mouse game that dealing with anti-piracy constantly gives.  I just seem to be in a “what next” type phase where I am trying to figure out another anti-piracy ecosystem I want the team to look into.  We do so many different things already but I want to achieve the peak with another ecosystem.  A few clients have said, “Do not lose focus on what you are great at”.  I have no intention of slowing development on our specialty, just looking for another pool to dip our feet into.

I guess what I am saying is being an entrepreneur I always have this unfulfilled feeling.  Like my work is never done.  When someone explains a process to me, mentally, my mind is going 10k MPH where I am reducing their process to the bare bones and then restructuring it in a more efficient way.   Sometimes I feel like I am cursed as my mind never stops running, but other times, I also recognize that my OCD’s and ADD has given me the skills to succeed.

Lastly, I promise, I will write more on a more regular basis.  I am starting to look into doing  youtube channel as well eventually..

Updating UFW firewall to use Dynamic IP

I use Ubuntu for server instances however they are all secured using UFW.  The one issue I run into occasionally is when my ISP changes my IP.  It does not happen often, but it does happen and then it becomes a major pain to go through the process of updating all of them.  I did some searching and am putting this together in hopes it will help others.

First let me say, use at your own risk.  I am using this successfully but that does not mean it will work perfect for you.

I created a new directory called “p_scripts” and it holds personal scripts
sudo mkdir /p_scripts

I created a script in that folder called “dynamicip.sh”
nano /p_scripts/dynamicip.sh

Paste this into the new file:


Current_IP=$(host $HOSTNAME | cut -f4 -d’ ‘)

if [ $LOGFILE = “” ] ; then
iptables -I INPUT -i eth1 -s $Current_IP -j ACCEPT
echo $Current_IP > $LOGFILE

Old_IP=$(cat $LOGFILE)

if [ “$Current_IP” = “$Old_IP” ] ; then
echo IP address has not changed
iptables -D INPUT -i eth1 -s $Old_IP -j ACCEPT
iptables -I INPUT -i eth1 -s $Current_IP -j ACCEPT
/etc/init.d/iptables save
echo $Current_IP > $LOGFILE
echo iptables have been updated
# cronjob
# */5 * * * * sh /p_scripts/dynamicip.sh > /dev/null 2>&1

I then did a simple:
chmod 755 /p_scripts/dynamicip.sh

Create empty log file:
touch /p_scripts/dynamicip.log

To test it, just run:
sh /p_scripts/dynamicip.sh

If you view the log file, it will have your actual IP address.

To automate this process, simply add a cronjob to run however often you want, I use 5 minutes:
*/5 * * * * sh /p_scripts/dynamicip.sh > /dev/null 2>&1