Early Video Access On This Site

I was thinking, I really do not use this domain for to much.  Few upcoming changes with this site and YouTube:

  • What I will do starting sometime in February, is upload my videos and for 1 day, they will be private, before going public.  You can see them by just visiting this site and get an early view of the latest videos.
  • I also want to start doing a schedule and sticking to it for YouTube.  I am thinking twice a week, every Monday and Thursday.
  • As you can see, the channel is constantly growing with different videos.  I will be back at the theme parks for more food reviews as the menus have changed quite a bit.  I will continue to mix in tech reviews and I REALLY want to do a few pranks as I talk to many prank YouTubers.

Look for these changes in February.

Define Your New Peak

My last post I did was about 4 months ago where I was talking about what to do once you hit what you define as a peak.  Obviously reaching that peak does not mean you just coast because you will coast right down the peak and getting back up becomes that much more difficult.

For me, I am unable to just rest, or coast for that matter.  I needed to keep growing, needed to continue to grow as a person, father, husband, and friend.  The last 4 months have been incredible, here is a recap, which I will fill with more details in the following posts: Continue reading Define Your New Peak

Updating UFW firewall to use Dynamic IP

I use Ubuntu for server instances however they are all secured using UFW.  The one issue I run into occasionally is when my ISP changes my IP.  It does not happen often, but it does happen and then it becomes a major pain to go through the process of updating all of them.  I did some searching and am putting this together in hopes it will help others. Continue reading Updating UFW firewall to use Dynamic IP